Our favorite jewelries~♡

Hi gals!
Today we want to show you all our favorite jewelry~~~
We actually do not have that many jewelry since I (Emi) am bit of a cheapskate when it comes to stuff other than clothes, makeup and dolls xD
Much to Lea's dismay as we always share costs...xD

BUT! I hope you like this post ;)

Our top three necklaces!
The first one with the rose we bought in some small store in Shibuya in August 2010, and it has been my favorite ever since! There is just something about it that I just love it!
Second one is from JudgEtta, we got it with few other items on sale! 
The last one is from our uncle's wife, but she is a designer and makes a lot of cute things!

The white earrings in the top picture and the pink box earrings we got for a REALLY good deal, for Iceland at least! Got five earrings for something under 20$ (middle of last year) and they were all so cute! The store is called "I am". Then they came out with the box earrings in gray and I was so happy, as they are definitely my favorite earrings!
The big earrings in the top picture are then from Forever21. 
The clear earrings are from Gal Star and I love how simple and cute they are~ Also the pearly earrings (from JudgEtta as well as the necklace), way to cute!

I usually choose simple rings, can be seen quite well by the small heart ring and the ring with three stones at the end, but those are rings I choose. The green stone ring is an heirloom from our great grandmother that Lea wears alot! 
Then the gold ones I got when we went to a Christmas meet and had a secret santa! I was actually a bit worried about what I would get, but I really like what I got from my secret santa!♡

So how is it with you gals?
Are you also cheapskates like me? xD
Although I guess jewelries outside of Iceland are a bit less expensive... (Even Accessorize is expensive here...). 

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