Blue Dress on a Warm Summer Day

Yesterday's weather was really great so our mom suggested that we'd take a walk downtown^^
It was actually pretty warm, which is a really nice change from the cold and the rain!♡♡♡

We took our dog with us, and he was so funny! 
He was so hot so it was a bit difficult for him to be outside like that *^^*


I tried using some brown eyeshadow for the first time in a while, and though it is not a lot of change, and I love love love these contacts! We already blogged about the green ones, but I love the brown ones just as much! Then we also have the grey ones♡

Emi's makeup was kind of like a galaxy, but she was using the grey lenses! They are so pretty!<3

Emi on the left, and Lea on the right

We went a bit to the store, but since going to Japan, the clothes here in Iceland don't appeal to us so much meaning that we also haven't been buying any clothes since coming back home...

We would love to order clothes off the internet, but the taxes here in Iceland are such a pain in the ass... so nope!

Let's leave it at that for now!
Thank you for reading and see you next time!♡

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