Lovely Friends+Two Outfits

by - June 13, 2014

We will be blogging a bit about our life in Japan so hopefully you will like that!


While we lived in Japan we went crazy with shopping, but we were really lazy about updating our blog at the time.

However, if you follow us on instagram you might have seen some of our outfits, but we plan on uploading some of our outfits... that is the ones we wore on the days that we actually remembered taking a outfit shot٩꒰๑╹ω╹๑ ꒱۶

This outfit is from last summer when we went shopping with a friend, truthfully that was all we ever didXD Somehow every time we wanted to do something we either had no idea what to do, or what we thought would be nice doing we found too bothersome so we just went shopping...( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ )

My makeup style sure has changed, through the years there are many looks that I have done (well, maybe not so many as I tend to stick to what I like) but this is definitely something I feel I have "graduated" from, as I have learned that so much brown under my eyes is not the best look for me, for the most part at least...٩(๑`^´๑)۶

We really miss our friends in Japan, we for example lived with our friend here in the top picture, and it was so great! We were all just as messy as the other!XD
haha, we had so much fun together and we really hope we will all be able to live in Japan in the future, but she is trying to get into a fashion school in Japan♡

OK! Another day, another outfit!
This was just a normal school outfit on a yet another way too hot day that we would take over the cold, cold Iceland any time (o´〰`o)♡*✲゚*。

In this top picture we are with our other friend who "nanpa'd" us in the bus one day as since we became really good friends, and she was our first friend in Japan♡

These dresses are the limited edition My Melody Liz Lisa dress that we actually have up for sale on our storenvy now♡

We love love love these dresses, but we have decided to change up our style a bit, so if you check out our store you see that we have quite a lot up for grabs!♡

haha, this is our friend's friend, we met with her a few times, and she really is the sweetest girl you could meet! One might not think so when seeing her, but she is a bit of a pervXDXD

(btw, we love our shoes so much!! They are soooooo aweome!!!!!)

Group photo!

Aaaaand makeup of the day, really not a big fan of my eyebrows there, I am really satisfied with the progress I have made with my eyebrows, and growing them back on as I have been doing recently was definitely the right choice!

Once again thanks for reading and see you next time~♡

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