Shopping Gone Wrong?

Last Friday, the day before our graduation, we went to town in search of shoes that would go with our dress that we were going to wear to our graduation.

As you might have read if you read our earlier post... it did not go exactly as planned, as no pair that we liked was available in the right size... such a bummer! 

We even went to two malls (two out of three in Iceland, so to say) in search of shoes, but all in vain...

We did manage to find some other nice things though!
Like those sunglasses in the first picture
...but oh no! only one pair available...
Luck really wasn't siding with us :(

Well, let's have an outfit rundown as it wasn't entirely Liz Lisa for onceXD

♡Top: Pinky Girls
♡Skirt: Flower Circle
♡Shoes: Ingni
♡Necklace: Judgeetta
♡Earrings: Judgeetta
♡Watch: Random ebay store
♡Jacket: Liz Lisa



Overall it was mostly a very disappointing day!
However, it did inspire us to go shopping again on Sunday for some stuff that we had tried on,
but that will come in a later post!♡♡♡

♡Once again, thanks for reading and see you next time!♡

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