Staff Party~

June 17, 2014

As we have mentioned before we have started working in the duty free store in the airport.
Last week there was a Staff Party, so that people could get to know each other better (or just another reason to drink :p). 

We went there with our friend from work, and actually the first thing we did when we arrived was to take a walk in the forest...XD
We were hoping to see some bunnies, but no luck there...:(


The forest was so pretty though! 

Then we went back to were everyone was.
They had started to grill some hotdogs, thankfully!
We had become so hungry as none of us had eaten before arriving... and then like any typical Icelander, people arrived really late...XD


Then everyone was just talking and it was a lot of fun, we even learned that one of the guys that we are working with is a former schoolmate from 9th grade, but he was in the other classXD
It was really embarrassing as we did not recognize him, but we did remember him!
(Although as to HOW I, Lea, remember him is a bit odd...)



Actually, we could as well just had straightened our hair before we went, but the curls just did not keep... *sigh*

Later on everyone went to play some ball games, and then someone found a ropeXD
So we played skipping rope (? no idea what it is called)XD

We haven't played it in so many years, but it was so much fun...
Then it was so funny how hyped up some of the guys were about itXD
Just hilarious!!!

Hope you liked this post, and see you next time〜♡

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