The National Day of Iceland!

On Tuesday, the 17th of June was the national day of Iceland...
That usually means bad weather for us here in Iceland...XD

Due to the weather we did not really want to go out,
but I, Lea, had been planning on making a eye make tutorial and we needed to do some grocerie shopping~

So I put on a quick outfit for taking the video, but I decided to do it in Japanese, and though I do not feel that it was that good, and to boot it was kind of embarrassing... 
However! It is practice and I need some practice!

But those that do want to watch but do not understand Japanese, though it is a pretty self-explanatory video, I do plan on subbing it>3<

I want to show you though the final outcome of the eyemake I did in the video, and I hope you like it and will check it out once I upload it, but I want to try to do it this weekend as I am hoping that I will have time to edit and upload it on Sunday<3

Before that you might want to check out our channel as we do have a few videos up!

Yup! Nothing all that special yet, but there is a circle lens review there and some tutorials so please take a look!

All and any suggestions would also be awesome, so if there is anything specific you would like to see, do tell us<3

Thanks for reading and see you next time<3

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