We have successfullly graduated!!!!

On Saturday was our graduation! Though it is a big milestone, it is not something that we were particularly exited about... Maybe it just hasn't sunk in properly... but somehow... I don't know... It's nice to have a degree and all, but I guess we just need some timeXD 

Well, we of course dolled up!


 Emi's eyemake

Lea's eyemake

Our dresses are Laguna Moon, which we got last year!
We love them so so so much! They are just out of this world pretty, and so flowy which makes the amazing to walk in! 

The detail around the chest area is just so beautiful!
(and I think it frames our chest wellXDXDXD)



We had actually gone shoe searching on friday, but we had really bad luck as all the shoes we liked were not available in correct sizes... which sucked so bad...

However, we decided on Saturday morning that we would make sandals do and went to Accessorize to get some sandals...
but we were too naive... we went and chose the ones that we liked, and without thinking about the price we just bought them... Turns out they were around 80 dollars...

We were so shocked... but we also really needed them...
this is typical Iceland, everything is so expensive...:(

They are pretty though!

Our niece is visiting and since she was also going to attend we did her hair really cute^^
It can't really be seen,but we braided the sides of her hair♡

There were so many BA and BS students graduating!!
Around 1200, and 1002 of them were there to receive their diploma, each allowed to bring 2 family members/friends with them...
Just imagine all those people o.O

Thankfully though there were not lot of speeches and they went as quickly as they could through handing everyone their diplomas, so it took a little over two hours^^

A few of our friends were also graduating, and we had not met them for a while, so it was really nice to meet them, even though it was not for long^^

After the ceremony ended we went straight home as our mom was going to cook dinner, and some presents awaited us thereXD

The packages were so big, that it was a real wtf moment, I, Lea was just like wtf is going on here?!?!XD
I genuinely did not suspect thatXD

 With our grandma!

Overall it was a really great day!
We have received a lot of congratulations and are really happy!

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