Change in Style: GALSTAR Haul ♡

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Hi Gals like mentioned in an earlier post we want to change our style, so we finally made the first steps towards our new style! 
This we did by making a huge order from GALSTAR! 


Bought that black striped skirt in the long version though!

What we bought were 14 pieces of clothing, two bags and seven jewelry pieces! 


But even if we bought so many pieces it was just like buying about eight items of clothing here in Iceland! That is how cheap it was!

We tried going for a more simpler, tight fitting style with bigger accessories!


Lately we also went to ZARA and tried on jeggings pants that we ended upon liking so much that we actually went back later and bought them, and they also inspired us to buy pants off of GALSTAR, as most of them are made of similar stretchy fabrics, not to mention that they are a lot cheaper!


 Lea had earlier tried on white pants, which inspired us to get these in white also!
And when we once used to wear pants we then loved high-waisted ones the most! This kind of chemical dying is also really nice! Especially as we don't really like normal denim blue color...


So liking these plain looking tops, feel like you can accessorize them so well! And they will look so good with pencil skirts! Unfortunetily GALSTAR had no black pencil skirt, as they were all sold out.


And with new style we of course needed new outerwear, but at the moment we only got this sweater to start with. However I think it will match with a lot of outfits.

We also plan to get colorful bags and shoes, well at least I do (Emi). As we will have more black and colorful shoes and bags will help our outfits to pop more.


However, to begin with we only bought white bags, as our access to colorful shoes is not that great...
That's Iceland for you!

Shells are so big in Japan right now, and they look so cute!!

The best part is that even though we bought so much, not to mention two of every clothing, the shipping was only around 12000 yen! Which we feel is quite good based on the fact that we are so far away from Japan!

Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope you look forward to seeing our clothes as they arrive!♡

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