Shopping for NEW clothes ♡

Hi Gals!

Like we have been going on and on and on about in the last posts is our decision of changing styles!
So today I wanted to show you some pictures we took while trying out some clothes!

Here is one that we took in Top Shop few weeks ago, I (Emi) had been thinking about pencil skirts like this one for a while and there I finally found one! At that time we had not decided on changing styles, but gradually in the weeks after this while looking online and in stores in Reykjavik we started seeing more and more of clothes that we liked and wanted to wear, which made us decide to build up a new wardrobe!

We always "feared" that this kind of a long sweater/cardigan would not suit us as we are really small.... But after trying it in Vero Moda we decided we wanted one! Too bad the Vero Moda one was not in a color suitable for us.... 

So one day we also went to Zara and tried on some pants and a top, and as we had decided to buy off of Gal Star so we decided not to buy it then....but later we REALLY wanted to get it...

So we went to town and got it! In the picture above you can see Lea wearing the outfit we left the house wearing, and me wearing the outfit we ended the day in! ^^


The peachy top is the same as the gray one in the second picture, the fabric and the top itself are so great! And the right picture is the top and pants we bought from Zara~ Although we did end up buying it in other colors. We did originally want to get the top in white, but they had only one in small, however I think it was not so bad as I really like the pink one too! 

Met our friends also for a short time, but we had to go home early so we quickly took a picture together^^

Also! That sweaters we bought were a life saver as we were feeling so cold!

Thanks for reading!


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