One Piece Store + Coord

In Shibuya there is a One Piece store, and one day we decided to go there~
We wore one of our favorite Liz Lisa dresses to go there, and it is kind of funny with theses dresses that they are shaped kind of weirdly so we thought they would definitely not look good on us, but then we tried them on and they looked so good!!!(o´〰`o)♡

Just look at those pretty flowers♡♡♡
Also really like those earrings we got at F21, really cute!


Tried on Chopper's hat! So adorable, would have been fun getting it, but kind of meaningless for us though...( 」。╹o╹。)」

They had a lot of stuff there!!!
we did not get anything for ourselves there, but it was fun going and checking it out^^

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