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 How are you guys?

We changed the blog design a bit yesterday as we feel that after all a more simple layout is better for us :) We however kind of need a new banner, and a simple one would probably be better, but we don't have photoshop (nor do we know how to use itXD) or know of any alternative were we would be able to do what we want... except for maybe picmonkey...><

Also, we really want to be able to have pages where the banner is, but we don(t know how to do it...
Anyone that can help us out with it?

We also added a poll on the right side, so please vote!
Also, just any suggestions would be great! Even for our channel if there is anything you would want to see, please ask us♡

So yeah,
this outfit is from a bit ago...
 Once again, what we did that day is already shrouded in a mysterious mistXD

haha~ just kidding
I simply just don't remember, as it was probably not anything special,
maybe just going to the store or something.

I, Lea, actually feel a bit lost in the clothes that we bought from Galstar.
Don't take me wrong, they are all very pretty, and I like that they are kind of mature-looking, 
but I feel they need a bit spicing up, or something...
but I can't quite put my finger on it!

Maybe it's just the drastic change from Liz Lisa, but any pointers would be awesome
(followed by links too, would also be great!X3)

I really love Onee Gyaru lately, so I guess that is the direction that I would love to take, 
so getting my hands on some more mature style gyaru brands would be great!
I already have my eyes set on few brands, and I will be blogging about them in "Gyaru Inspirations pt. 3" soon!♡

But yeah!
Like I said, if you guys have any pointers for spicing things up, please do♡

With love,
Emi and Lea

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