Gyaru Inspiration Pt. 2 ♡Gaijin Gyaru♡

Despite all the hate and drama that occurs in this community, there are some really great gals out there, both personality and style wise!

Like many have said before and many have tried, with gyaru valentines for example, spreading some love in this community is really needed!

So here is part 2 of gyaru inspiration, and our attempt to spread some love in this community♡

First off comes this wonderful girl, Sara Mari, who is a big inspiration to us♡
We've been reading Sara Mari's blog for many years now, and how her style has evolved and how she can look amazing is anything is really enviable XD

She has been one of our favorite bloggers for a long time, and when we lived in Japan we were lucky enough to get to meet her, and she was so nice!

Please check out her blog, youtube and instagram!
She just recently started uploading videos on youtube with healthy diet tips so we are sure many of you gals might be interested!

We have been lurking on Rika's blog for some time now, and her hair and makeup is absolutely gorgeous! Her eyebrows are especially amazing!!!XD
Though her style is a lot different to us, we really like it and she looks really good in her style!

Charlotte is so pretty, and so is her style!
She has the perfect eyeshape, and how she does her eyemake is always on point!
Her hair is also amazing, and she is always such a nice person!

We met Shani while we lived in Japan and though we did not meet up that often it was always fun meeting her, she's such a nice and fun person!
Her make has improved a lot since then and she always looks so gorgeous and amazing and I love love love her wigsXD haha, she has an amazing skill in choosing what wigs that suit her wellX3

Well, that's good for now I think!
There are of course many more awesome gyaru out there, but these are the ones that stand out when we think of gaijin gyaru♡

With love,
Emi and Lea

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