Gyaru Inspiration Pt. 1 ♡Hair and Makeup♡

When it comes to being gyaru, knowing what style suits you best is often the most important part to improving. 

When we started out we had absolutely no idea what we liked, for example, we went to Japan in 2010 and at the time we liked gyaru brands, but had not found our style so we just bought whatever we liked... and then nothing ended up fitting together! haha, the good old times :p 

 It took us a while to get close to what we liked, but when we moved to Japan in 2012 we were kind of rokkish gyaru but we did not feel so comfortable like that. 

Soon though we found Liz Lisa and their clothes and Shop staff became a big inspiration for us! The pretty, flowery, colorful clothes really captivated us and we fell in love! 
I believe that at that point we really started improving, as though makeup plays a really big part in being a gyaru, the right clothes are also really important. As well as hair and maybe even nails! 

After about a year of almost only dressing in Liz Lisa, we however do feel like something more mature might be a bit more suiting. Our faces are though a bit baby looking and people often think we are 18 years old (we are 23XD) so wearing more grown up clothes would be a nice change, is what we thoughtXD 

We have always admired Onee Gyaru brands and models, and one of our favorite mags while in Japans was Happy Nuts! We bought it every month, though it was so different from our style at the time!X3 

Our favorite model and one of our biggest inspirations would be Sayoko Ozaki. Her face, make and hair is just everything I could ever hope for!♡ 
 Then the contacts she uses are always so perfect and look so good with her style and eyemake, can't help but feel extremely jealous! 

For now our next goal will be to get hair extensions so that we can style our hair as prettily as hers is always! (maybe even get a slight tan, who knows~XD)

We would like to write a few more inspiration posts so hopefully you will like what's to come!
Hope you also enjoyed this post and please tell us who are your biggest gyaru inspirations♡

With love,
Emi and Lea

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