BROWN Makeup tutorial

Hi gals!!
Here is my next tutorial!! I'm really happy how I have been managing to keep uploading them! Guess it is more my thing to make picture tutorials, rather than video ones.... Mostly because it is easy to make them short....but I always end up making videos too long....-.-' 

With this tutorial I took a bit of an inspo from one of my older makeup looks, BLACKXSHIMMER, since I really liked how it turned out! Although I did change it up as the brown is a lot more prominent than the black was and of course I also used different lashes!

I love that I paired this look with red lipstick! Makes one seem so mature! xD

So before I say bye, I want to give you gals one tip that I think is great for making your eye makeup look fuller! And not to mention that your fake lashes will blend better. That is to say, when lining your eyeliner, do not only do your normal eyeliner, but also on the waterline! It makes the makeup look so much more complete as there will no "white" shine through your real lashes^^

With this I say goodbye for now, thanks so much for reading and I hope you liked this weeks tutorial.
Hope fully I will managed to kick Lea's but hard enough so that she will also make one! xD

With lots of love,
Emi (And Lea in the background!)

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