Cheap Liz Lisa and other japanese brand clothes for sale! NO REPLICAS!

by - July 18, 2014

(Around 55 items for sale!)

Hi guys!
Me and my sister are selling some gyaru clothes (mostly Liz Lisa) on storenvy! We have decided to have a sale, so if you buy 5 items or more you get a 20% off! That is you also get 20% off on shipping!

Please check it out, and if you decide t make a purchase, please do send an e-mail to  rather than buying straight from our store, as if you e-mail us then we can tell you the price of everything which you can not get straight from our store^^

We can also offer layaway if wished!

(These pictures are just a sample of what we have^^)

 With love,
Emi and Lea

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