Makeup Shopping with a friend ♡

Hi gals, how are you all doing this summer? <3

A few weeks back, after our staff party, we went to Reykjavik with our friend.
We had been planning to go as we wanted to go makeup shopping~
But first we had to go on a presentation about the RealTechniques makeup brushes and OROBLU tights.

Our look for the day!
I, Emi, had actually started the day with an up do (As seen in the first picture), however I ended up not liking it so well so  took it out and liked my hair much better after that!


We had a lot of fun and after shopping some makeup we went downtown and ended up on a live by a new Icelandic band that was going on! 
They sung a lot of older songs and also two of their own, they were really good!

Then we all got hungry and went to a really nice restaurant, where me and Lea had a really good chicken salad!
They also had some delicious looking soups!

Selfie before dinner!

There was a sale going on in some store after eight, and since our friend wanted to check it out, we headed over there.

They had some really cute clothes, and trying them out really helped us form an idea of how we want to change our style. However I did not really like their customer service, as I felt there hardly was any.

Then we ended the day with this delicious yogurt ice cream!
At this shop you can put the ice cream and candy/ fruits in the bowl yourself and then you just pay by weight. A really nice place! Our friend was really smart and only got fruits, I got some candy.... Lea However....not as many fruits as candy...

Thanks for reading! <3

With love,
Emi and Lea

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