Hello again!
As you can probably see our blog layout has changed a lot! And tough it is not exactly as we would like it will just have to do for now as this is a pain in the ass process to do༼ º﹃º ༽

Just wish it were easier to find simple and cute layouts that are also customizable... but that seems to be too much to ask of...( 」。╹o╹。)」


Today we had a pretty nice weather compared to the rain and cold of the past week, and since we had a work related makeup course. There will be a few over the summer, but this one we learned about products that Helena Rubenstein, Biotherm, Lancome and Yves Saint Lauren have to offer.
We learned a lot, tried MANY products and got some free stuff to take home!!!
So overall a pretty nice course, right?!? ✧.*(⁎❝͋॔ ˙̫ॢ ॢ❝͋॓⁎)*·✧


Our new circle lenses then arrived today and we are so looking forward to trying them out this weekend, hehe, maybe we should try one pair each day as we got three pairs ٩꒰๑• ̫•๑꒱۶♡

We got the circle lenses that seem to be getting a lot of hype recently, the Twilight Princess in grey, green and Lea in brown also, but since Emi does not like brown circle lenses that much she got one of her fave ones, the geo nudy grey. 

Also, if any of you are interested we do have some clothes for sale!
Mainly Liz Lisa, but a bit from other brands too♡
♡Our store♡

Please look forward to seeing us try them out!♡
See you next time!

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