Talking Makeup: Majolica Majorca♡Jeweling Eyes GR791

December 01, 2014

Hi gals,
Today we want to talk about this palette from Majolica Majorca, Jeweling Eyes no. GR791
But last week we talked about Dual Blend Eyes BR-3 from KATE.

The colors in this palette are really pretty, however I must admit that the dark color really is not my favorite and as much as I love the turquoise blue, I always end up disliking it ON my eyes (Emi). 

Definitely have to use it soon and get it to work!

The turquoise is really pretty and goes really well with the gold color, and like with most eye shadows we like this one also has a lot of glitter to it! (Lea)

I don't know if it's just our skin being too light or what, but the pink doesn't show up so well for us, but it is a very pretty color.

Top row applied with a finger
Bottom row applied with a brush

The shimmer is light pink, it is more of a shimmer than anything else. The shimmer is more spread when applied with a brush. The gold and turquoise are quite pigmented and shiny.
 I have to admit that the darkish brown/gray is really not the best one for us. But I will update this post if I end up liking it better! xD


♡Looks done using this palette♡
Makeup Tutorial: Majolica Majorca♡Jeweling Eyes no.GR791

Look forward to next week where we will be talking about KATE's Gradical Eyes PU-1.

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