Gyaru Valentines + gyaru of the week???

December 10, 2014

Hi gals!

Sadly there is often a lot of negativity in communities were people loving the same thing gather together, and while there is not much to be done about those that want this negativity - We, the ones that do not care for it, can always try to spread more positivity! Right??
That's why communities like Gyaru Valentines were created!

When we first started being gyaru it did not take us long to find out about Gyaru Secrets, and though we have received a few ourselves we have always tried to not let it get to us as we just do things like we want to do them! Like every one of you should do as well! Because let's just face it, we should never give into the whims of those that live for being mean to others.

Also, a word of advice; if you get a secret, don't reply to it. It only makes the fire bigger, and the poster gets happy... because that is a mission accomplished for them! And we don't want that, right?
We've always tried our best to stay away from most of the drama that happens, but sometimes when they happen in group, you can't help but read it (especially with curious minds like oursXD)

I am sure some of you reading our blog might have received a valentine at some point, and I am sure that it must have made you REALLY happy, even made a bad day into a good one!
We have received a few, and we were always so happy to see that someone likes our style!

I hadn't really thought so much about what it can do for a person to receive a valentine during a bad day, but today when I saw the valentine Emi got, I thought to myself how awesome it would be if everyone could just get together and each post like a one each week?

For example, is there anyone lately that impressed you lately with their make, hair, nails, coord or even a fun blog post?Just think about it; How happy were you to receive a valentine? How happy would you be to receive one? Then how would it be to "repay" the favour of a received valentine?
Kind of like pay it forward!

We are a really big community and I have seen so many times when gals bitch about what a bad community we have and how gyaru secrets is ruining it... but how many of those gals have gone and thought "hey! I don't want my community so full of negativity, so I will post a valentine to spread some positivity!"? Very few, as the inactivity on gyaru valentines has proved.
Truthfully, I find that very sad. As many of those girls are the first ones to notice that gyaru secrets "might" be dying down, and the first ones to notice that no, a new post just came up. But don't notice that the Valentines are dying. Of course I am not saying that I am any better, I never thought of making valentines before, because somehow I just did not realise how much happiness they can bring. And isn't that just really fucked up!?

 hehe, this is both Lea~XD

So as to spread more positivity we would like to introduce a idea we have been fostering lately.
Like I said, and most of you already know, our gyaru community is really big! So we have many girls that love and thrive in the style, but we haven't even seen half of them!

We would like to make a new series on our blog to introduce gals!
We wrote "gyaru of the week" in the title, but it of course would have to depend on how many gals want to participate, as we can't post if no one applies :p

How did you learn about gyaru and when did you start?
Why do you like gyaru?
What style do you like best?
Who is your biggest gyaru inspiration?
Favorite lashes/circle lenses/makeup product
Where can we find you?
Now, tell us a bit about yourself!

We might even add some questions later on^^

Then of course we would love to get some pictures of your make/hair/coords to include in the post! One thing we were also thinking of is having a before after picture, so if you could send a pic of you without makeup then that would be awesome to show the change! But of course if you feel uncomfortable with that, then we can skip it :)

If you are interested e-mail us at

We also want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of you wonderful gals that have taken your time to look at our blog, comment and follow it!
We really really appreciate it, and you can't believe how happy we get every time we get a new comment!!! hahaha, we have simple minds like that :p

If you have any suggestions or if there is anything you think we could do better, then please do tell us! Even though we really do love blogging, we are not only doing this for ourselves! We want to know what you like to see, and what you might think about the stuff we post!!

So I address the Valentines a bit more as I am posting the ones we have received on here, we just want to thank those of you who took the time to make them! We really appreciate it so much!!!

Let's now continue on and spread som' luuuuv


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