Makeup Tutorial: Shimmering Eye

December 04, 2014

Hi gals! 
Today I want to show you this look that I created with palettes from VISEE and KATE♡

Hope you all like it!
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The lashes that I used are the Cat Eye from Diamond lash. The lenses are Allure Muse by Candy magic.

Other Items Used:

1. First apply cream base
2. Apply shimmer (The VISEE one is not cream base, but still quite thick)
3. Apply brown under the eye
4. Apply gold in the inner corners under the eye
5. Apply eyeliner, Clarins goes on the upper water line
6. Apply dark brown in the outer corner under the eye
7. Apply mascara
8. Apply blush

Thanks for looking at this tutorial, and please comment and follow if you liked it♡
Will also post a tutorial tomorrow, so please look forward to that♡

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