1st of December Outfit Post

Hiiii guys~
Lately we haven't been very inspired by our clothes, so we haven't been posting any new outfit posts.
But as you might have seen by one of our latest posts, we got a bit of new clothes a while ago^^

We had a staff meeting, and then since a part of our family is here as they are going to Florida today, everyone was meeting up at our grandma's place for dinner. So of course we had to dress up!

hehe, sorry about the messy background!
Having the family over incidentally means a messy placeXD

Outfit Rundown:
♡Dress: Ingni replica♡
♡Stockings: Accessorize♡
♡Shoes: Taobao♡

We really love how the fabric on the shoulders is, it is really pretty as well as it kind of makes your arms seem thinner! So win win!! hahaX3

The shoes are really awesome as well! When we decided to get them it was basically to just have some winter shoes, and we didn't really have any expectations about them, but when they arrived we just fell in love!
They also have some ruffles(?) on the soles, so that makes them really convenient for the Icelandic winter! 

                                   Lea                                                                           Emi

That's our look for the day!
We decided to use the same lashes, and I don't know if you can see... but Emi was tired of her eyebrows as she had been having trouble with drawing them on, so she just decided to shave most of them off! And I had also been thinking the same, so I just followed suit!>3<
 And it is so much more comfortable drawing them on now!

 Like I said in the beginning of the post, we had a staff meeting that day, but this coming weekend will be a very big one as we have two Christmas buffets, on Friday with 90 people and on Saturday we have 160 people coming...:O yikes!

Right after the meeting we went to our grandma's place were we helped a bit with preparing dinner, but most was already done and shortly after the rest of our family came over... which meant a LOT of noise!XD

Here is a bonus picture of the crazy kids in the family!

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