♡Delyle Noir Shop Staff Coordinate♡

December 03, 2014

Hi gals!

While looking for lucky bags I also started looking at all kinds of blogs and stores, and one store (or the blog to be correct), Delyle Noir and their shop staff post such good outfit photos, and many, so I wanted to share them with you all! (as well as for myself for some outfit inspo later on ;) )
At first I was only going to select a few to post, but I think I ended up liking just all of the outfits♡

But their clothes are to die for!

So love this peplum top, looks great with our without the belt! Not to mention how good they look with her pants!

Definitely going to buy these dresses or similar ones (Hopefully they look good on usxD *cross fingers*)

 I love their belts and peplum tops and a line skirts and just about everything!
Love how their coords are simple and elegant!

One thing  that I think that we are both really looking forward to is also buying some pretty belts to go with our outfits! I really do hope they still have those bow belts when we get there, would love to get one myself, as it is just way too cute!

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