Eating Healthy+5:2 Diet

Hi Gals!
For the past month or so we have been trying to be more healthy, by eating more vegetables, and also going on the 5:2 diet again! So now we want to talk a bit about that and how it has been going for us!^^ Do not be fooled by the pic above, that is a cake we baked the day before our diet started!xD
The cream of that cake is to die for! It is made out of egg whites stirred together with sugar, syrup and vanilla extract until stiff! Way too good (Especially with Betty Crocker, love those cakes so much!!!)

Soumen with onion and canned tuna, LOVE this! The onion is cooked on a low heat until translucent then the tuna is added with the oil/water and then the soumen is added to the pan after having been boiled for under 3 min!^^ The other is pork with sweet potatoes and salad^^ One part of us changing the portion sizes, meaning we are cutting down the amount of meat we eat with each meal and supplementing it with vegetables instead!^^

So the reason we decided to change our diet was of course too slim down for Japan! Well not only that! We usually used to stay at 58kg (Emi) and 55 (Lea), usually not getting any lighter even when we worked out (might also be because we didn't change our diet that much at the time). 
Last year however we tried the 5:2 diet for a month or two and managed to loose each about 2-3 kilos (A miracle for us!xD), but then we started working 12 hour shifts 2-2-3 and it messed up our diet! We were working at the Duty Free store here in Iceland and of course also selling candy, and when a bag opens you can eat it....And we have ZERO self control when it comes to free stuff! NONE.AT.ALL!
So we each gained back what we had lost and put on about 3kg extra....-.-'

In a way what also made us start thinking about starting a diet at the time we did is because Lea had been talking to Soubi on twitter and they were feeling like fatty chans with their cakes, so we decided that it was good by now, we needed to think better about out food-intake!

We decided to make sweet potato soup, a lot of it, to freeze and have for lunch! Not for dinner as our mom doesn't like it that muchxD Then with our soup we have been baking spelt bread (SO EASY) and a couple of times we made a tuna/light mayo salad. But we sometimes just put butter and some vegetable on it^^

Also when we stopped working at the Duty Free we just kind of continued on eating whatever we wanted, didn't gain any weight, but didn't loose any either. Then our meal portions were always quite big (Our family usually cooks a lot=eats a lot), so that didn't help at all! So the first thing we did was to cut that down and add vegetables! Then we went back on with the 5:2 diet!

 Pan fried fish (Cod or Haddock, don't remember) with grapes, cucumber and apples. //Spelt bread with avocado, salad and eggs. //Panfried onion and fish (Same as earlier) with salad, cucumber tomatoes, grapes and apples.

 So as for the 5:2, for two days of the week you ONLY eat 500cal and then on the other days you just go and eat normally ( I think this also includes cakes if that is what you like...xD).
500cal might seem really little, but if you plan well you can actually be really full! As for us we eat oatmeal for breakfast (20gr) cooked in milk and water (the milk really makes it better!). Then for lunch we eat smoothie that we make out of AB Milk (similar to butter milk but not as sour, 45cal in 100gr) with frozen strawberries and apples. For coffee break we then have two crackers (usually the kind called Burger or something) with cottage cheese, some spice and tomatoes/cucumbers. Then for dinner we always have fish, onion and some vegetables and fruits!^^
We try to eat four "small" meals everyday and have a bit of variety, but when it comes to 5:2 we usually stick to the same food, as then we won't have to count the calories againxD Also since we are really lazy when it comes to exercise we did decide to exercise the days after our fasting day to get at least some exercise!^^

Now we have been on this diet for a month and our weight has gone back to it's normal number!xD 
And I can definitely see that! When we got our fukubukuros our new Luxe Rose dress fitted a bit strange on my butt/hips (Emi), but now it fits perfectly! But we still want to loose a bit more (although admittedly it is more for clothes than anything else..xD)

Have you been trying to live a healthier life recently?
We would love to know what you do that works for you, so please share with us in the comments!♡
Please wish us good luck in our healthy lifestyle~~

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