Sponsored Review - Pinkicon: Venus Eyes Nudy Hazel

Hi Gals!
Today I want to review the Venus Eyes in Nudy Hazel! These lenses I got sponsored by Pinkicon, but you can use this coupon "A24680000" for 5$ off! Also! I always called them Pinki-con, but they are actually named Pink-icon!^^

The packaging is really pretty, but Venus Eyes is a Japanese brand. Each box contains 20 lenses, and costs 39.73$. Meaning one day is about 4$

 I couldn't help but to fall even more in love with these lenses when I saw the color! But like the name suggests, they are green-ish yellow.

Basic Info :
♥Duration: Daily
♥B.C.: 8.6mm
♥D.I.A: 14.5mm
♥Water Content: 38%
♥Package: A box of 20
♥Price: 39.73$

Ring light- One in and both in.

Ring light - Sunny Bedroom (?! xD) - Room Light

Details of the lens itself.

Colour : 
The color is great! Like I mentioned earlier it is green-ish yellow and it is such a perfect color! Definitely couldn't be happier!

Design : 
LOVE this design, really pretty and I like how the outer rim "stretches its arms inside", gives it more character! Also the outer rim is actually black, but when they are worn it appears to be more moss green! They also give you the halo effect! And I love that!

Enlargement : 
The lens is "only" 14.5mm, but in my opinion the enlargement is really good, just perfect for my style!
Comfort :   
Like always I definitely need eyedrops!

Two looks from when I used these lenses~~^^

Overall Rating :
All in all I feel that these lenses REALLY suit the look that I am going for! They are really comfortable until they start getting dry, but as it is easy peasy fixing that with eyedrops it is no problem! Everything about them is great!

So what do you gals think about these lenses?

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