In Japan + First Haul

Hi gals!
Like many of you might know if you have been following our twitter, we arrived in Japan a few days ago! We had been planning this for a while, however we have had to push it back a few times and this time as well we thought we would also have to push it back! BUT! Then it turned out (about 10 days before we were supposed to go), that we didn't need to!!! So on a bit of a short notice we had to get ready, say goodbye to everyone and off we went!
After 20 hours of traveling we had to get ourselves from Narita to Shinjuku station by bus and then take the train from Shinjuku to an office Shin-Nakano to sign a rent lease for a room in a share house....not the easiest task since we had two big carriers and two small ones....yay..

But we made it!
Then we were droven to our room, did some stuff there and against our better judgement fell asleep from 3pm to about 5 or 6pm...the since we REALLY needed some towels and some other stuff we went to Donki in Shibuya... there is probably a Donki somewhere nearer to us...but we don't know where... Then straight back home and back to sleep...Which was such a smart move...seeing as we woke up again at like 4am? Only to fall back asleep at like 6....

Well! We did manage to catch enough sleep though! And when we woke up we got ready and went to SHIBUYA~~~ We had actually first wanted to only go to Rienda to start with as we REALLY needed some shoes and then hop over for a bit to Harajuku to visit Rady, but as we were kind of late and had to meet our friend at 5:30pm. But we decided to dizz the Harajuku idea for now and went crazy shopping!

Like I mentioned earlier, we first went to Rienda to buy some shoes and a bag (Even decided not to take ours with us as we wanted to buy a new one), actually wanted the shoes in white, but they were sold out :'( Had been longing for them for the longest time! And the heel detail is to DIE for!
Had also been longing for that dress as we have a similar dress from Liz Lisa (Low cut skirt) that looks so good, so I also wanted this one as well! Didn't buy it right away, only went back as later on when we were checking the back of the bag we noticed that it had some really light black stains on we decided to go back and get a new one....felt kind of bad for the staff though as they were really nice but it seemed like ALL of the bags had the same problem?!
Which I really do not understand! They are new and packaged so how can they have stains on them? So when she showed us one that I think she might even have tried to clean we just told her that it was OK>< It is a really nice bag though and we definitely do not regret buying it! 
Also! We bought the dresses in two separate colors~ Going to start doing more of that now^^

Then it was DaTuRa~~~~
Had so been lusting after that set, but actually thought it was sold out so when we saw it in the store we were so happy!!! so we bought it in two colors~ (Just one of each though, just to keep that clearxD) And also a tank top to wear with it.
Kind of sad they had no novelty items left though...

Kind of randomly put those pics together, but I was so excited to try those items together when I got home that I tried them and had Lea take a picture of me!

 Aside from the shoes from Rienda (and one other, which I will mention later) I was probably looking the most forward to going to Delyle Noir to get that skirt! But I first noticed it when I was making the "Favorite Staff Coords" post probably from February, as I saw it a few times there and just fell in love with the colors of the skirt! If I go for nails soon I will definitely get those colors and pattern!
Aside from that we of course also got peplum tops in lilac and white, two belts (Two of each) and the off shoulder lace top! Was so surprised to see it as we had noticed on twitter that it was SUPER popular and we were sure it had sold out long time ago, but lucky for us they still had a few of it left in lilac, and it goes so well with our new skirts♡
We actually couldn't buy it right away when we were there as we were running out of time and had to go meet our friend, but then it turned out she actually had forgotten about her part time job and couldn't make itxD Silly herxD So we just went back and bought more stuffxD

After returning back to Rienda we decided to stop by at Lip Service as their display looked really cute! And it was definitely well worth it as they had the cutest hand mirrors and perfect shoes! Just look at the outfit pic above, they make your feet look amazing! And we had been wanting white shoes!
Also the thing I mentioned when we went to 109 there were three things that I definitely wanted to try out; Rienda shoes, Delyle skirt and a Duras dress. I had been fantasizing about that dress and the look of it. Even saw two girls in Shibuya on Sunday evening wearing them, looking so cute!
Then we arrived to Duras and the staff were so nice (The nicest out of the bunch!), I found my dress and tried it out.....and looked like an AUNTY! I was so disappointed! All my dreams gone to waste....xD Although I do try to tell myself that if the dress would have been a halter dress instead of having a "t-shirt" sleeves it would not have looked like I was an aunt...But yeah...biggest disappointment of the day...xD

Then we of course went to take purikura! Went to Taito(?) in Shibuya and they are quite different now...and probably have fewer machines than before? We decided to try USAGI, and I am not sure what to think of it? The make your eyes and face bigger immediately without letting you just choose it beforehand and then afterwards you get the option, and then you get to choose how they slim your face, no off selection for that one.... 
But WOW were we off practice! But thankfully we managed to get some cute ones! 

What I was looking forward to one of the most eating was rice with tororo! And since we knew Otooya had it we decided to go there to eat! So we got some chicken dish, which was quite good, but I feel that it is somewhat too fatty/oily....:s
Still we had been losers and hardly had anything to eat during the day so it felt really good to go there and get something to eat!!

Then on our way home we walked a different route than before and there are so many stores close to us, SO MANY STORES! But no arcades it seems? have to check that out better so that we won't need to go to Shinjuku or Shibuya every time we want a purikura xD
We had such a great day and hopefully the ones to follow will be equally as awesome!!!


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