Riendax Barbie Collaboration

 Hi Gals!
I am pretty sure that many of you gals like Barbie and Japanese fashion, or am I wrong?
So I thought that you might like it even more when it was Barbie mixed with Japanese fashion, to be exact with Rienda!

The reason for this collaboration is Rienda's 9th Anniversary!
These items are limited versions and will be sold from next Friday, the 20th, so check it out!

First off are these three Barbies's. Priced at 9.999¥

  Bags at 8.500¥

 Love this makeup pouch! Definitely want to try and get my hands on it!^^ Priced at 5.000¥ Which I think is quite reasonable.

 These sunglasses look so good!!!! Priced at 3.750¥. Makeup pouch priced at 4.500¥

 iPhone 6 case. Priced at 3.750¥ Which is a crazy good deal compared to many other brands!

 Hardcover cases for both iPhone 5&6 3.500¥

 RiendaxBarbie Towels. Priced at 4.750¥

 RiendaxBarbie setup. Priced at 13.000¥ as a set (Sold separately though).

I love all of these items so much! The pink color is really pretty without being to over bearing!
The only problem I find is the fact that the setup has a big logo on front, but I have never been found of big logos on clothes....-.-'

As far as I know there will be other items available in this collaboration, so definitely check out their web store next Friday!^^

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