Nails Nails Nails!

To many gals having the best nails is a very important factor!
Even though we have seldom put much effort in our nails, we do love pretty nails and occasionally we do try out some very simple nail art.

Today we want to show you gals some of the attempts we have done to have cute nails, and of course since we are on the subject of nails, we let some pretty nail art that inspires us follow with as well*^^*

First off I, Lea, want to begin with these nails I did recently, lately I have been so in love with Rady's accents and colors and searched for some nails that are Rady inspired and ended up with doing these.
Recently I haven't been doing much to make my nails cute, so I was really out of practice and they do look a bit shabby... But! I do think they are rather cute and considering my lack of skill I am quite pleased♡ What do you lovely gals think?

 <--- Lea    Emi--->

About two weeks ago we got gel nails, for the first time from a pro!
It took a lot shorter time than we would have thought and we are quite pleased with the result!!!
The colors we got are really pretty and have glimmer in them which looks really good as well*^^*

Then the bottom pic is of Emi's nails, but she painted them!♡

 <--- Lea    Emi--->

I have since a long time ago REALLY loved gel nails, and living in Japan were so many girls have cute nails can be a torture when you have to choose between getting that dress you really want or nails :p But we decided to try our hand at doing our nails ourselves! So we bought a basic kit off of Rakuten, and you can see the outcome in the picture above.

Most of these nails are rather simple><
The ones with the flowers were my second try at gel nails, truthfully they weren't all that great, but I was pretty happy with them... 'cause nails, you know!

Well, in a way I just need long nails to be happy.... but I feel that is changing!
Especially recently after I started being more active on twitter and following stores that I like, and shop staff so I see a lot more from them... and nails! I am starting to feel more and more that I NEED to have pretty nails to match pretty outfits! Well, that is just how I feel about them as I just love them so much, but I can't stop thinking about how awesome it would be to be dressed from head to toe in Rady, with Rady inspired nails!!!XD haha

So I'm just going to let these pics of nails that inspire us follow, and hopefully they will inspire you also!*^^*

If you follow Rady then you can see that about 90% of these nails are inspired by Rady...
But Rienda gets some percentage and Delyle as well!
The colors and patterns really interest me, and at the moment I want nothing more than to go to Japan and get nails like these! Like right now!!!XD

Hopefully you have enjoyed this post, despite our basic nails, but we hope to be able to get some awesome nails in the near future!♡

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