Makeup Tutorial: Natural Eyemake with Subtle Dark Crease

Hi Gals!
Time for another tutorial! 
This time it is a look I have been doing quite often recently, as I really like this look!
So I hope you gals will like it as well!^^

Steps :
A. First I took a brush (1) and applied dark purple on my crease
B. Then I took a beige-ish brown and applied with another brush (2) all over my eyelid and crease so soften up the dark purple
C. Apply light brown under your eye
D. Yet again use the beige-ish brown to apply over step C.
E. Apply shimmer eyeliner in the lower inner corner
F. Apply kohl eyeliner on your upper waterline and extent out of the eye
G. Apply eyeliner

The lenses are Geeenie's Girls Kinrou sponsored by Geeenie.
Review Here (Will come later)
The lashes are from Taobao. MY FAV COMBO AND THE MOMENT!XD

Other Items Used :

So what do you gals think about this look?
Would love some feedback if you have anything to say♡

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