Memories of Japan: Dinner With our Friends Parents

 Hi Gals!
It has been quite a while since we last made a Memories of Japan post so we decided to make one today~^^
AND! This post will mark our 350th post!
Kind of amazing that we have made so many blog posts throughout the years! *Feeling proud!*
This one is from when our friends, Haru, parents came over from Okinawa for a visit and invited us out for lunch! But our friends father works with an airline company and often traveled so when he came to Tokyo he always invited us for something nice to eat~

Look from that day with our friends~ Haru to the left and Li to the right♡
This time Haru's mom also came over and we went to Shinjuku to a fish restaurant!^^

Like you can see by this photo the restaurant looked more like a fish market rather than a "restaurant" we sat on one of those garden benches (were the seat is a long plank, attached to the table).

We ordered a few plates to share and we loved most of it. Those balls are crab meat, most likely mixed with potatoes or cream or something. They tasted so goooood!!

More good stuff!
Except for one thing.... Before we went there Haru and Li were constantly talking about crabs brain and how good it tastes (and they were not trying to trick us or anything, they honestly like it), so we decided to give it a try, and boy did it taste weird....or rather just bad! When we lived in the west of Iceland in a place called Isafjordur, there was this old fishing house where they used to work the fish. This house had a really peculiar smell, and the crabs brain tasted just like that!! As a smell I can handle it, but not as a taste! D:

After eating, Haru's parents had some plans so we went separate ways,  shortly after that Haru also had an hair appointment. So we went shopping with Li and ended up having Chinese for dinner (at an all you can eat buffet!)  They had a lot of good stuff! One of the waitresses also walked around offering steamed buns, and they disappeared so quickly! Luckily we managed to get some of the ones we wanted to try^^

Hope you liked this post!^^

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