Yellow Eyemake♡Video Tutorial♡

Hiii guys!♡
I, Lea, made a new eyemake tutorial a little while ago that I finally managed to upload and finish putting subtitles on!

I must admit that even though I really like the fact that Youtube makes it possible to put subtitles on the videos, they do not have the best application for it. At least I hope it is not just our computer or anything, but it is always breaking down and lagging, the video freezes and all in all it is being a pain in the ass to me>< Making it so that it takes a really long time for me to subtitle my videos...-.-'

Still, the feeling when it finishes is really good xD
Such a relief~

You guys might have noticed if you have watched my other videos that I have been doing them in Japanese, but I really want to improve my Japanese, especially as of late as I feel that it's been getting worse as I haven't been able to use it so much for the past year.

So if any of you guys reading this understand Japanese and are going to watch my video, please excuse my errors><

Hope you will like my tutorial, it is a pretty simple one, but the main color I used was yellow as I have been liking yellow eyeshadow quite a lot lately*^^*

I actually made a similar tutorial in August, but that one was not a video, so feel free to check that out to :) "Lea's Yellow Eyemakeup Tutorial"

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