Memories of Japan: Asakusa

Hi gals!

After the Halloween party in Shibuya, our friend stayed over and we decided to go to Asakusa the day after! The trip from our place was a bit long, but thankfully we did not have to change trains, so we slept a big part of the wayXD


There were a lot of people in Asakusa that day! We didn't buy much, we however did buy Konpeito, which is a small sugar candy and our friend had some Senbei and we tried that for the first time!
And we fell in love with it!

After that we bought it often! Japanese snacks are so great! not only the Senbei but also the dried squid! Reminds us of traditional dried Icelandic fish! <3

Some masks that were for sale, there were also a lot of vintage looking toys for sale in some of the stalls.

 Some Halloween decorations~

No pics please xD
Our friend not feeling to good after the party, and we had little to no makeup on D:
As you can also see by the pics we still had quite a light color in our hair at the time, it always feels a bit weird to look back at these pics and seeing our hair....
I still think it is a pretty color, even though it is just a color that faded away and became like that, but I don't think I would want this light hair againXD

 We bought some Mikuji, both me and Lea got good ones, while our friend got bad fortune and had to leave hers on a tree there. As when you draw bad fortune you bind it to a tree and later it will be purified and burned to make the bad luck go away.

After getting something to eat, no way I can recall what as we were pretty tired, we headed over to the Skytree, which was really easy to get to from Asakusa.
On our way there we saw this giant floating....sperm....that is the only thing I can think of calling it! I think the building was owned by some beer producers if I remember correctly?

 A picture of the Skytree~~~
Didn't go into it this time, but we did go to it few month later and even though the view from the Skytree is really impressive it wasn't particularly a great building or something that we would pay to enter again...

Asakusa was really pretty and filled with small streets, sadly we weren't feeling up to much sightseeing, but hopefully we will be able to go to a Matsuri there next year.
As the Matsuri is supposed to be really great there!

Hope you enjoyed our post about our small trip to Asakusa*^^*
See you next time!

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