Memories of Japan: Halloween♡

Our Halloween in Japan was a very fun one!
We had just recently gotten to know our really close friend now, Haru, by then and she invited us to come with her and another friend of hers to a club in Shibuya for a Halloween party.
As it turned out, a LOT of people from our Uni were there as well! *^^*

Of course, we had to get lost on our way there so we got a bit late...haha so typical!><

Before the event we took some purikura in our costumes!
Lea was an angel (Really wish I had had time to find some proper wings and a halo ><) and Emi was a maid. We got our costumes in Donki and they weren't so expensive! Which was nice :D

This purikura was such a fail though, just look at them!!XD
 Despite the derp, they are a very fond memory, and always put a smile on our faces when we see them♡

Here we are with some people from our school^^
We ended up going to purikura with some of the girls, but weirdly enough we only seem to have one purikura with them><

Just as derpy as the other ones :p

Also! a extra pic of Lea's makeup after Haru kissed her cheek♡haha~
I really liked my makeup and I had fun with creating a darker look around my eyes, even though I was an angel :p

Afterwards we went back to our place, but our friend was staying with us since it was more convenient for her and the day after we went to Asakusa~ But talking about that would make this post to long^^

So bai bee for now~♡

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