Outfit Post ♡11th of August♡

August 20, 2014

We have already blogged about our day with our friend the other day, but now we want to post our look of the day!♡

Sadly we haven't had much time to dress up in the last, probably, two months!!! :<
We've been taking some extra shifts though, so that's always nice!♡

Really looking forward to going to Japan and making more coords though :p

Here is a pic of Lea's eye make *^^*
The lenses are the Princess Pinky Eclipse in brown, they have really been my favorite for a while now! ♡

Too bad but Emi didn't take any pics of her eyemake, but she is also using the Princess Pinky Eclipse.
Hers are in grey^^

 The Necklaces are from Galstar along with the earrings Lea is wearing (Lea is on the right side), while Emi's earrings are from I am.

As you have probably noticed we have been changing our blog recently, so we are also trying out new stuff when posting! Please tell us what you think of these changes!♡

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