Recent Haul + Small Talk

Hello guys~♡
Recently we've started running out on a few things that are essential to us, so we made a small haul on ebay! We also ordered some sunglasses and a makeup cleanser, but they have yet to arrive ><
Also, lately we have so many ideas for blog posts that it really makes us happy and motivated!
We are really enjoying our blog now and we really do hope that some of you guys do too!♡

It is kind of funny, but somehow I feel that since we have now been gyaru for around three years, we have accumulated more experience with makeup and hair than what we had when we began (understandably so). But at the time that we started, we mostly blogged about our life, which was honestly maybe a bit boring at the time... hasn't improved much thoughXD haha~
At least here in Iceland we never really do anything interesting... sadly.

Of course we had not been into gyaru for long when we started our blog, and we didn't really have many clothes to coordinate as we also did not have the money to spend on clothes, nor makeup, at the time. So of course coord posts were out of the question for us><
haha~ we also had absolutely no idea as to where we wanted to take our style either, and it actually took us a long time to get the tiniest idea of what we liked and thought might suit us!
But now we kind of know!!!!

We have been moving sway from the frills and into a more mature style so we hope that you that are reading this blog will continue discovering our style alongside with us, and hopefully like it!♡

but yeah...!
Like I said (or rather wroteXD) earlier in the blog post, we have a lot of ideas about posts that we want to make for our blog, both inspirational, reviewing beauty products and we are also writing up posts about the main products that we use a lot!:)
Hopefully these posts will be looked forward to*^^*

I, Lea, am kind of the person that once I find something that I like, whether a style of makeup or any makeup products, I will just keep to them. However I do want to try and do my makeup differently, try some other colors and hopefully find something interesting to do! And meanwhile make some makeup tutorials (that Emi will then end up having to put togetherXP).

Hopefully our blog will become more fun and diverse than what it used to be in the past, to keep both you guys, and us more interested in itXD

Thanks for reading!

With love,
Emi and Lea

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