Meeting Sound Clock and GuriGura ♡

Our year in Japan gave us so many fun memories, and we met some great people, and even got two know two bands from meeting them at stations where they where playing! Two of those where KeraKera (Theme song from the Last Cindarella with Haruma Miura) and Sound Clock!

Of these two the latter one ended up being our favorite and we even went to their concert! <3

We actually stumbled upon them when we where going to meet some friends in Shibuya, but due to us having to shop something for our family we decided to stop at our old station, Futakotamagawa, as it was more convinient for us than shopping for this stuff in Shibuya.

There they where playing !

After they finished their live we went to finish the shopping we had intended to do, and then went to a record store on one of the upper floors, as they had announced that they would be selling their CD and giving out autographs there. 

There we mustered up the courage to ask them to sign our newly bought CD and if we could get a picture with them!

After taking our pictures with them, their fans actually wanted to take pictures with us, which to they (Sand clock) asked accusingly in a joking manner "Are you here for us or them!!??", it was so funny! 

Then we just thanked for us and went our way.
Then sometime later we wanted to look at the pictures again, BUT! We could not find them! No matter how hard we looked for them in our computer, they was just LOST!

Until now, when I was randomly going through our pictures from Japan and found them!!

Then it came to August, the month that we would head home, but during those five months after we first met them we where always listening to them, and REALLY wanted to go to  concert of theirs, so we found one in Shibuya and went!!

Which was great it two way!!!
1. We got to see them live
2. Because of us going there we met Chie and Chika!!!

How lucky is that!
I believe that if we had not stumbled upon them in Futagotamagawa, we would never had gotten the change to meet Chie and Chika! <3

 Then we went to their live, and even met one of them before the live and chatted a bit!
But then after the live they where selling their CD and I guess giving out autographs, but we where to shy to talk to them D:

Typical us....-.-'

But after the concert we went to purikura!!!
Did I mention it was raining like crazy that day?

We even forgot our umbrella at the venue, and upon going to pick it up it seems that someone had already taken it....

So this middle one was us holding our umbrella, we drew it on the purikura, but it doesn't show the edited one, just the original, so you just have to imagine the umbrella.

And a heart purikura for Sound Clock!!! <3

Thanks so much for looking!

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