Our Makeup Series ♡Skin Care♡

We have decided to make a new series for our blog!
In these series we will be telling you guys about the beauty products that we use, such as the products we use for our skin, our makeup and hair products!♡

 Thanks to our job this summer we have gotten to try out a lot of new products that we truthfully never thought about trying, seeing as they are rather expensive here in Iceland.
But I guess that might be the same for everyone right? No one wants to buy something expensive, that might not work out for them in the end!

Also, when choosing your skin products, knowing whether you have oily, dry, normal or combination skin is definitely vital! if your skin is oily, you might want to skip thick creams (or maybe creams just in general) and maybe get some gels instead! While a person with dry skin wants creams.
But of course not everyone is the same, so really it depends a lot on what fits your skin! :)

We have always been fascinated by Kanebo, but seeing as it is rather expensive, we had never  bought it before. This summer however we got to go to a presentation about one of their lines, Sensai, were we got a few of their products to try out. They have already become a big part of our skin care routine, and once we finish what we got at the presentation, we will definitely be buying some!

All of Sensai's products use a special silk that used to belong solely to the Emperor family in Japan, called "Koishimaru Silk", and their products are so soft because of it! It is truly amazing!

To start our skin care routine we always clean our skin with a lotion, here we have the "Lotion II (Moist)" which is made for normal-to dry and very dry skin. It is rather thick, but not too thick. So even though I (Lea) am rather picky about using anything on my face that is thick, I haven't had any trouble so far with this one:) Though I would not mind trying out "Lotion I (Light)" to know the difference.

As seen by the top picture we also use "Essence", which is their serum.
You can use it both night and day, and it really freshens up your skin!
We have been finishing up other serums, but tried this one out either way, but when we tried it we really liked it! ♡ Started recently though using it in the evenings, as we fini

(Good tip when cleaning your skin with a lotion, is to take a cotton pad and wet it up a bit before you blot it with the lotion, then the cotton pad won't "eat" up all the lotion^^)

This collagen conditioner we got off ebay a while ago. It conditions and refreshes your skin, and I often use it when I feel my skin is dryer than usual :)
It can also be used as a facial pack with cotton pads, feels so good~ ♡

 Lancome has some really nice skin products, and we decided to buy the "Advanced Génifique" which is a youth activating serum. The packaging is really nice in the way that it has a button on top that dispenses just the right amount of serum you need each time.
We have tried a few serums, and this one is definitely our favorite.

This one has definitely been getting a lot of hype lately! Always when we meet someone that has tried it, people start almost hyperventilating about the goodness that this cream is. You use it after a serum, before applying a cream, and it corrects skin imperfections such as wrinkles and pores and let's just say that this one is definitely a must!

 "Biotherm Aquasource" is a gel that hydrates your skin.
This one is so amazing!!! I had been really troubled with my skin as it was so itchy and I felt really uncomfortable, and then I got this gel and I felt so good and refreshed when I put it on, and since then I haven't had this trouble♡

(When using any kinds of creams or gels in jars like the "Aquasource" you don't want to put your finger in it as it will get germs in the gel, so taking a Q tip and using it to put the gel/cream on your face is a really wise thing to do!)

Also! During your skin care routine, don't forget your neck and chest area:)
There are many creams made for the neck and chest, but your serum and day cream works fine if you don't have any!♡


Yikes! Kind of surprised by myself at how much I managed to writeXD
Hope you liked this post and that it was helpful in any way♡

With love,
Emi and Lea

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