Unexpected shoppin haul!

Hi gals!
Yesterday (On Sunday) our niece came over from the north of Iceland to go to the Justin Timberlake concert that was being held here and stayed the night! However as school is starting she went back home today, but not without going shopping first!

First off is today's look! The outfit rundown is:

Cardigan: Vero Moda
Paggings: Gal Star
Shoes: Liz Lisa    
Bag: Gal Star

 Pretty pictures with our niece, Lea was still getting ready so we left her out of the photos!
She is now crying in the corner.....

Oh! And my lipstick is Sensai's Hanayamabuki!
One of our favorite lipsticks, and one of the few orange-y lipsticks that Lea absolutely adores!
(I however love them all!)

Also a EXTRA LARGE picture of our lunch!!!
Iceland has only one really good Sushi place and it is located in one of our shopping malls food courts, because of that many people are under the disbelieve that their Sushi is not that good! Which is so wrong!
Seeing as he is the only one that gets to bring Sushi to the Japanese Festival held annually at the University of Iceland, as he is the only Sushi chef in Iceland that the Japanese Embassy has approved of!

So if you ever happen to be in Iceland and start to crave for Sushi go to Kringlan! (name of the shopping mall)

Also were really happy as we got tuna and octopus on our Nigiri ♡
Been missing octopus lately and he was really surprised when we asked for it! As it is not commonly eaten in Iceland. We where just so happy that he had it!♡

It also happened that in the line after us there where some weaboos, you could say, that felt the need to put on airs and tell the owner that his sign was wrong ( under Nigiri it said Maki in kanji and vice versa). He handled it really well, told them he knew about it, and asked them whether they were studying Japanese in school, and they where just like "Nah, just learning by ourselves". So dislike people that put themselves on airs like that, as the owner clearly knew about this mistake....and these guys were not younger than 20!

Originally me and Lea were only going to window shop, but even when window shopping we love to try on things!
We tried on this top in Top Shop, been eying them for a while, but ended up not buying it though!
 (Regretting it now!)

Then on our way out of Top Shop I saw these glasses and snapped some photos! we ordered similar on ebay the other day, but so far they have not arrived!

So while window shopping we accidentally bough some stuff!
Definitely on accident, but we got some really cute things, so it is OK!

And unexpectedly cheap for Iceland!

 Lea derping around in the dressing room while I try the clothes on! Really love that skirt!
It definitely reminds me of something that we could buy in Japan! ♡ 

We also bought a jacket seen in the picture above, been wanting more outerwear lately and I found two there that I wanted, however we only bought one for now!^^

 Last but not least here are pictures of Lea!
Will post a tutorial for this look this week~
So please check it out♡

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