Last outing for now

August 27, 2014

Last Saturday we went with our friends for a little trip around the south of Iceland.
We had orginally planned to go to "Flowering days" in a town called Hveragerði, but it was windy, and all the events were kind of far apart, so we found it to be quite bothersomeXD

So we decided to go to a nearby place called Hella, to get something to eat.
There was some kind of a viking festival going on there, but we continued our way to see Geysir rather than to stop there.

 Aaaaaand, before we continue let's take a look at our outfit that day*^^*
Since we were going to flowering days, we decided to incorporate that to our outfit and wore tops from Liz Lisa that has a lot of flowers on it, and Emi had a flower head band (though we don't have any pics of it). We also wore our new denim skirt from Vero Moda, but it is a peplum skirt were you can zip the peplum part off!! :O

So amazing!!!XD

 As you can see it was REALLY windy there!!!!
and a bit cold also, it was so funny when we got there, but all the tourists were dressed really warmly, while we were just...yeah... not so well dressedXD

Lea even caught a cold, but we had fun! So that is all that matters :p

OK, this has to be one of the weirdest things that we have come across in terms of what people actually try to sell to foreigners... but who doesn't want to buy Icelandic air to take home for 10$?
Sorry, but this we found so ridiculous... and then we found out that Japan even does this, they sell the air you breath by Mt. Fuji. Any other countries that do this???

Our next destination was Þingvellir, but there the Icelandic court was in the olden days, so people from all around the country would gather there to get things cleared if there was some problem.
This happened one or few times a year, don/t really remember too well, and is a pretty important place to the Icelandic people.

In Þingvellir there is also a sort of a gorge were there is a river and this place is called "Almannagjá", and in there people throw coins to make a wish :)

Here you can see a lot of pics from there, as it is really beautiful there!

Once we were at Almannagjá it was already kind of late, and it had been getting even colder so we headed to Reykjavík where we had decided to get dinner.
We went to a place called Roudhouse, we had to wait a bit before we could get our seats, but that was alright *^^*


 We had some good food and had a lot of fun!
It was also our last chance to hang out with our friend (on the above picture) for a probably very long time, as she moved to England yesterday, and we are moving to Japan *sob, sob*

 At Roudhouse you can get all kinds of different hamburgers, and we decided to go for the doughnut burger, which is kind of weird, but really good none the less.
The fries are deep fried twice, and though they are very crunchy and good, I felt I wasn't able to eat too much of them as the grease was just too much for me.

We then decided to go to a Yoghurt Icecream store called Yoyo for dessert, and it was really yummy!
We kind of wanted to be healthy for once and only get fruits on our ice, but the selection of fruits wasn't so great, so we ended up with lots of candyXD

Looks so yummy right?!?
It was a really nice and fun day, and a really needed one at that!
We have been working weird shifts all summer and they have made it a bit hard for us to plan anything with our friends :(

Well, that's it for now!

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