MintXFlowery Coord + Moving to Japan

Ellu~ (~Lea writing~)
wow! We have been working a LOT lately, Emi is finishing a seven day working turn, while I just finished a four day working turn.
But here in Iceland we have this day dedicated to people working in stores, and the weekend before that day is usually the main party weekend of the year!
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, does something on this weekend
(except for us and other working people :p)

It was supposed to be our weekend off, but we decided to take some extra shifts, and found some other people that wanted the weekend off, and worked in their stead^^
Nice money there, right!♡

We did a thing!

We went ahead and bought our tickets to Japan!!!

We are so happy about it!!! We will be leaving on the 16th of October, and arriving in Japan on the 17th! ♡ Hopefully we will find a job easily, but luckily our friend is also helping us, and once we arrive we will be able to apply to more jobs, as most jobs require us to be living in Japan...-.-

Also, we have been applying for English teaching jobs, so HOPEFULLY it won't be a drawback that we aren't natives as that is often what they seem to be seeking...:(

BUT STILL! SO excited!
We have found this really nice place that is in Setagaya, and seeing as we have lived in Setagaya before, and this place is REALLY close to our old train station, it is just perfect ♡

Let's get the outfit rundown out of the way♡

♡Cardigan: LuxeRose♡
♡Top: Liz Lisa♡
♡Skorts: Liz Lisa♡
♡Shoes: Flag J♡
♡Socks: TutuAnna♡
♡Bag: Galstar♡
♡Necklace: Galstar♡
♡Earrings: Galstar♡

The skorts are a really big favorite of ours, and so are the shoes!! Those shoes are so AMAZING, and somehow they are so comfortable yet so uncomfortable at the same timeXD 

What do you guys think of this outfit?
I would love to hear some feedback!♡

With love,
Emi and Lea

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