Fun day♡

On Monday it was, if my memory serves me right, that we decided to go with our friend to buy suitcases as she will also be leaving the country soon.
(*sob*only 9 days *sob*)
We decided to make a day of it and go to the city were we went to look at suitcases, and she bought one... but we were too picky so we did notXD

However, sales were also going on so we went to a mall close by to see if anything interesting was for sale and though we did manage to find a skirt and a peplum shirt that we liked, there really wasn't anything else interesting on sale, and the sales were disappointing to say the least... but well that is pretty much what we expected thoughXD

Though the sales were disappointing we went to grab something to eat and decided on Friday's as we love it there♡
Our mom also joined us and we all had a lot of fun there and had some really delicious food... though the service was kind of suckyXD at first there came a girl that took us to our seats, but a guy came over to take our order, and he probably just forgot about us afterwards as we did not receive our drinks until after our food... and we had to ask to get them...XD

 We ended up only getting the denim skirt, and it is so awesome!
It is a peplum skirt, BUT! it has a zipper so the "peplum" part can be zipped offXDXD
That peplum top (both colors) was so nice too, but we did not get it in the end><

 Small quiz, on the two last photos, which is which? do you know? fufufu~
Don't know if we have ever written it on here, but when we were younger we did not know which was which, and always when the teacher called everyone's names during class we answered to both our names, until one day we got fed up and went home and asked our mom "mom! which is which?!?!" haha~XD

With love,
Emi and Lea

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