Day 1 with Marty in Town

July 21, 2015

Hi gals!
In the beginning of last month one of our best friends came to Japan (of course just to see us!!! xP)
So of course we met up a few times! First we decided to meet up in Harajuku!^^

Marty had never taken a purikura before, so that was the first thing we crossed off the to-do-list! Really love how they came out!♡

Then me and Lea wanted to get some crepe, but Marty and her boyfriend had already eaten..-.-' Shame on you! xP But we decided to still get some oreo cheesecake goodness!^^ Such fatty chans~

Then we walked around the stores and Marty shopped a bit, but we only did some window shopping for now, but I did however try on this dress in Rady! Love this pattern so much, but I somehow for some reason did not try on the dress that I really wanted at that time, but I was always thinking about wanting trying it on, and then recently I did, thankfully, as I found out that it somehow looks really different on me than what I had imagined and could finally stop thinking about it!
This one was so pretty though!

Herpa derpy selfie with Marty~
Ended the day people watching with Marty, as she really loves thatxD
Had a lot of fun and talked about lots of fun stuff!^^


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With love♡

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