Day 2 with Marty in Town

Hi gals!
With our Marty in town, we decided to meet up in Shibuya for some shopping!

 Our look for the day! We actually didn't wear the same outfit!

Then of course we took some purikura!!

Derpy group picture!!

Again with some window shopping! This time in Luxe Rose, they have so many cute cheap-ish clothes!^^ Really liked that skirt and top, but the top would go way better with a tight skirt! and then I really like that dress, but we already have a similar one.

Dinner time!
Decided to go to Ootoya for dinner, as they are really good and have TORORO!!! Really if you go somewhere in Japan that offers tororo, get it! It is super good on rice with soy sauce!


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With love♡

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