Makeup Tutorial: Minimal Eyeliner

Hi gals!
Long time no see with our makeup tutorials! Been a few months, so we decided that it was high time to finally post yet another! Had actually planned to post this one AGES ago, but somehow everything else came in between and I ended up not finishing it.
But now it is finally here and I hope you gals will like it!^^

Steps : 
A. Apply dark brown in the crease and under your eye with a fluffy brush.
B. Take a lighter beige-ish color and apply on step A and your eyelid.
C. Take a golden cream eyeshadow and apply on your eyelid with your finger.
D. Apply kohl eyeliner on your upper waterline to fill in your lashes.
E. Apply golden cream eyeshadow in your inner corner.
F. Apply Lashes.
G. Fill in between your lashes even better with liquid eyeliner and draw a wing extending out from your false lashes.

...And that's it! Pretty simple right!?
The lashes are cheap ones from ebay! While the lenses are Venus Eye in Pink, sponsored by Pinkicon!

Please tell me what you think of this tutorial in the comments♡


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With love♡

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