Birthday fun, day.1

Hi gals! 
Today we are here with a long overdue post... our birthday!!
So on the 22nd of May we turned 24 and had an amazing day!

Lea          Emi

Since it was on a Friday our friends all had school/work so we decided to have a fun day by ourselves in Harajuku and then later on in Futagotamagawa.

We wore our Luxe Rose dresses that we showed to you in this post :)
Love them so much and wear them a lot!*^^*

We really love crepes, and recently we tried one with an oreo cheesecake and it is so amazingly good!!!! Like, AMAZING! Then we always get it with strawberries and ice cream as well^^

(I, Emi, tried to get Lea to try something different, go to a cafe or something since it was our birthday, but she was dead set on getting a crepe!xD)

Ofcourse purikura was taken~~♡

In Futagotamagawa we went a bit to Loft as they have a very big one, and we actually like their selection there better than in Shibuya^^ And they hat a lot of cat fans, so we of course had to take some pics and send our friends!

But as we had lived in Futagotamagawa when we came as exchange students we really wanted to go back and just walk around and see everything again:)

Another thing we had really wanted to go take a look at in Futagotamagawa was a park they were making when we lived there, and it's so pretty!

They had some small waterfalls and in the middle was an old Japanese building which on certain days you could enter, and I think maybe they had tea ceremonies there as well, but I don't remember so well what I read thereXD

Here's the pretty building with a pond in front of it*^^*

We love ravens, our mom and grandma used to have one as a pet when our mom was young, and we have always wanted one as well!!!

When it drew nearer to the evening we headed home and later on Emi went to meet her boyfriend as they were gonna have dinner together. She got like seriously lucky with her birthday present, but he got her a Tiffany&Co necklace which is really pretty!!! *0*

(Definitely also had a really silly moment during dinner, was looking at the menu thinking "oh, I like these two" looked at my boyfriend and told him that, to which he replied, "It is a set menu, you get everything on it, unless if you want the other one?". haha, so silly :P But everything was so good, and I had a really nice evening!)

I however didn't have any plans for the evening so when otou-san came home from work he invited me for dinner, and we had some delicious yakiniku and then a birthday cake after playing a bit around at an arcadeXD

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With love♡

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