Looks from the Weekend

Hey gals!
Last weekend was our weekend off and since we had stuff to do, and also we wanted to make a clothes haul video of the stuff we did recently we did our make and dressed up nicely!!

My makeup was just as I've been doing for the most part for a long time now, but if you're interested in it then I did do a tutorial on it on our Youtube Channel!

These contacts that I am using are EOS Briller Brown kindly sponsored by Maplelens, sadly they've been down for a while but hopefully their page will be up soon!!!

Outfit 1 rundown:
Top: Rienda
Skirt: Luxe Rose
Shoes: Ingni
Watch: DaTuRa

Outfit 2 rundown:
Shoes: Kobe Lettuce

OK! So last weekend we had two reasons for why we decided to do our makeup!
One was that we wanted to make a haul video and the other is that Heather asked us to answer a few questions for her channel^^

It might seem weird that we need a reason to do our make, but here in Iceland we don't go much out due to the cold, but it really is something we dislike so bad!!!

We love doing our make, but sometimes you can't help but wonder what's the point if you're not even going out? Then on the other hand I, Lea, would do my make almost everyday in Japan because I really loved going out there for whatever reason it might be!

Here are Emi's outfits!

Outfit 1 rundown:
Cardigan: RESEXXY
Shoes: Kobe Lettuce
Necklace: Tiffany&Co

Outfit 2 rundown:
Top: Rienda:
Pants: Kobe Lettuce
Cardigan: Lip Service
Shoes: Ingni

We did make an haul video like I mentioned earlier, so for those of you who want to watch it, I'll put the video up here!

(I've been having trouble with videos disappearing so here's the link if that should happen!)

It's a bit long since we got quite a few items, and we always have a need for saying many things, but if you like what you see please do leave a comment and even subscribe to us♡ 


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With love♡

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