Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas pretty gals!
Like many of you are probably doing we've just been spending our holiday being lazy and eating lots of good food and candy and cakes and some cookies! That's the only way to do this!!!! :p

Christmas presents!!!!
We don't give many Christmas presents by now, a few years back things got a lot tighter for our family and others and we decided to at most give each family just one present together. We still always get our gandma a lotXD She's like the spoiled kidXD

Everyone was pretty pleased with what they got, and so were we!!!

My favorite was definitely the Lucky troll!! We used to own them when we were younger, and now they have a special 50 years anniversary one out and they are so cute!!!! I got some nice bath-bombs from Emi's boyfriend while she got a really pretty bracelet ❤︎
We also got lambskin that is not pictured, and they're so pretty!!! We've wanted some for aaaages and this Christmas our mom decided to get us them^^

We actually had work for Christmas, but thanks to a lot of help from our coworkers we were able to finish really early and get home to get ready <3
We actually had so much fun at work thoughXD One of our coworkers made an egg-pie for everyone and we had such a great time together, we're really so lucky with our coworkers <3

As mentioned in an earlier post, we got the Carli Bybel eyeshadow and highlight palette and it is so so so pretty!! The colors are so pigmented, sparkly and pretty that I have no words!
It's so cheap, that I'm just really surprised at the quality!

We always had a hard time keeping away from makeup products on ebay, but we have a few favorite stores that have a really great selection of Japanese products!
We got some false lashes from Dolly Wink and Diamond Lash, and I am so happy to have gotten my fav lashes from Dolly Wink!!! (The ones in the green packaging, no. 5 I think) The lower lashes are also really nice!!! But I tried them yesterday, and since we will be making a post on our looks this Christmas season you'll be sure to see that <3

Emi has been using mostly brown mascara, eyeliner and lashes lately so we got just that! and one of the lower lashes from Dolly Wink is in brown^^ She has already tried both of the lashes that she got from Diamond Lash and she especially loves the natural look and fluffiness from Chiffon Eye!^^

Then we've really been lacking in the skin care products department lately so we got some lotion and under-eye cream as well, really looking forward to see if that does anything for us! We are gonna take a picture, use it then religiously and see if there is any change or not! 

So if there are any items you would like to see more about, like a review, please do tell us (as we have been really lazy when it comes to those!)^^

Last, but not least, here are some other gets from before Christmas.
Our mom's birthday is in the beginning of December and since she really likes Rady's bedding, so we decided to get her one that she had fallen in love with! and since we were ordering from them why not get something small for ourselves also!?! So we decided to get these Hello Kitty key chains for us and our bestie! Really love them so much, they're so adorable!

Well, then our bestie had been buying some clothes from us, and since she then wanted to give us these pieces pictured above I suggested that we'd just do a trade since I didn't want to just receive lots of clothes while charging her for clothes from usXD Would've just felt wrong!

But I'm so happy!!! Been wearing the Rady setup almost everyday and it is so comfy!!! Still haven't worn the DaTuRa dress as it's kind of just way too cold for it right now><

That's kind of been our Christmas up till now, we had dinner with our extended family yesterday and today we're having some friends over, and tomorrow we're meeting some more friends, so it's busy busy busyXD hahaha, but so much fun! I'm glad that we get to meet lost of people and have a great time while we're still here <3

How have you been over the Holidays? Hope you got some nice things and ate lots of good food!
More importantly we hope you've been spending some quality time with friends and family <3

Merry Christmas and see you next time!


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With love♡

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