RESEXXY Fukubukuro Past and Present

Hi gals!!
Today we want to continue going over the Lucky Bags that are coming out this year!
This time we want to go over RESEXXY!

This years RESEXXY bag contains the coat and two dresses shown plus 2-3 other items! Just for the items shown I would immediately say that the bag is well worth the money!

Last years bag had a lot more, but I think this year might actually have better items! One girl commented on the accessories from last year that they looked really cheap and unwearable:/ 


Didn't find much info except for these pictures.
But looks good!


Definitely would not have minded to get that bag! But unfortunately couldn't manage to find more pictures from 2013.

RESEXXY is one of our favorite Onee gyaru brands so along with the Lip Service one we really pondered over the possibility of getting this one as well, but seeing as we've been buying some clothing lately and they should have sales when we go back, we decided to wait out on this one.
Then another reason we decided against getting this bag was because the dresses are both really tight fitting in a way we think they might not suit us XD Might be wrong though, but on the other hand we also already bought one fukubukuro;)

So if you are thinking of getting one, then I think this one should be a good choice!^^


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