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Hey pretty gals!
Wow, it's almost Christmas! Sadly we have work tomorrow and the day after... Well, on the 24th it's thankfully not a full day as the plan seems to be that everyone helps to finish up so that we can leave early for Christmas! I really really want to do my make and hair, can't fail that for Christmas, gotta be pretty :p

Today I woke up quite early and like usually these past days I played my favorite game, Kingdom Hearts Unlimited X, until my iPod told me it only had 20% battery left so I got up to charge itXD
While I was playing a very good friend we haven't met since last Christmas messaged me to meet as she was back for Christmas so I moved my ass to the shower and made myself pretty after packing in her Christmas present^^

Skirt→Delyle NOIR
We didn't really do much, went to a bakery and talked lots as there was much to catch up on and then went a bit to her house <3
Afterwards I went back home and since Emi's boyfriend is visiting for Christmas our mom decided to cook dinner today and invited our grandma also^^ The food was really good and afterwards we had him drink some really strong Icelandic alcohol called Brennivín, often called Black Death in English, and his reaction was so funny!!!


Today's look is quite simple, but I decided to not draw on any eyeliner except for the wing and a bit in the inner corner of my eyes so that the eyelashes wouldn't look off^^ I'm really please with my makeup today so I think I will do a similar look again!

(Currently chilling in my new Rady setup from our bestie Suzukomaru<3)

We recently did a bit of a makeup haul, so soon we would like to show you what we got as we got the rest today! We also got Barli Bybel's eyeshadow and highlight palette and it is so pretty! I'm really in love with it, especially the highlight!<3

Lastly I would like to wish everyone happy holidays!
It feels weird to be working around this time as it's never been like this for us before so even if I felt the Christmas spirit a long while ago, I haven't fully realized that it's already Christmas in two days and it just feels so weird! We are quite lucky though as our off days align quite well for us over Christmas so we will at least have a good holiday with our family <3
Hope you lovely gals (guys?XD don't know if we have any male readers really!) have a wonderful time as well surrounded by your loved ones! <3


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With love♡

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