Delyle Noir Fukubukuro Past and Present

Hi gals!
Continuing on with the fukubukuro madness! This time we want to go over Delyle NOIR's fukubukuro.

If you've been following our blog for a while, you might know that we got this years fukubukuro, and though initially we were quite happy for the most part, we realized that the quality wasn't really so great so we quickly got bored of the items and also there were so many items that weren't really wearable in the bag we got...and even items that were so unlike whatever they had released before that it was just mind-boggling!

We ended up using some items only once, while there are still some that we've never used, like white leggings with bright yellow pattern on it, really Delyle? I don't know how that is you, but I hope you won't take such a bad side-step again...

Here is what they've already shown of their next bag, it's certainly an improvement from last years bag, seeing as it actually has more items closer to what they do sell in their store, but I really do question what they were thinking when designing that outer? The baggy shape is just made to even make the skinniest girls look like they have an unshapely stomach... that's not just me thinking right?
At least I'm not very impressed with it. The sweater and set up aren't horrible, but I do wish they had more of something!
Aside from these items there will be 2-3 other items included as well.

Last fukubukuro, looking at these pics the girls getting them were quite lucky though!
There are some pretty dresses and tops that we would've have loved getting... but fukubukuro (lucky bag) says it all, you must have luck!

I think all bags had a black coat (hardly visible in pics), black sweater, black skirt and that long-sleeved lilac dress.

I must say that I really like the set-up in the right top corner, they had a lot of lilac colored items in this fukubukuro, which wasn't all so bad!
I must say that in hindsight one of the items that I dislike the most is the long-sleeved lilac dress. Just something about the combination of those colors and the fact that the skirt is lace... There is just no 'depth' in those colors!
I couldn't really find anything from 2014, but I found a few girls complaining about the fact that the ribbon shown in the picture with the coat was not included :/ Like why even picture it there if it is not included?!
Like I said I didn't find any more pics from 2014, but I suspect that that is due to the brand being quite new (correct me if I am wrong), and it only got its popularity a little over a year ago it seems.

But! If you are thinking of getting a lucky bag I wouldn't really recommend Delyle Noir, even I think that everyones inital feelings might be satisfaction with the items, but after a month I think everyone will just get bored of these items:/ So save that money and just buy 2-3 items from them during sales! That way you know what you are getting and will be happier with the items^^


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