Rienda s/s 2016 Exhibition

Hi gals!!
Like you all have noticed December is already upon us, which means that spring/summer collections will start rolling in soon! (As weird as that is to me seeing as spring doesn't come here until MayXD)
Last month Rienda had an exhibition, so I decided to gather some pics to show you gals what they have in store for us!^^

Corina is just so perfect in that outfit!

Seems like there are some similarities to last summer, as that pink/lilac dress, and even the white dress Corina is wearing above remind me of a past collection. No complaining though as I loved lst years collection! 

Rienda also made a collaboration with Love Liner to make eyeliners! Definitely must get one of those!

Everything just looks so good, and I can't wait to see everything and try out the new collection♡
Are you getting excited about Rienda's new collection? What about some other brands, which are you looking forward to the most?


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With love♡

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